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                    Jon Moore

                    Delayed But Not Denied: Nipissing Will Host Baggataway Cup in 2021

                    The Nipissing Lakers were set to host the Baggataway Cup at their North Bay mpus for the first time. It won't happen this fall, with the season ncelled beuse of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the Lakers will be the hosts for 2021.

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                    CUFLA 2020 Fall Season ncelled

                    CUFLA has had to ncel the fall 2020 season but will continue to consider possibilities for a spring season in 2021.

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                    CUFLA Statement on Racism

                    CUFLA stands for inclusion and against racism, discrimination or harassment in any form.

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                    Toronto Names Jon Moore Head Coach, replacing Joe Nizich

                    The University of Toronto is pleased to announce that Jon Moore has been named Varsity Blues men's lacrosse head coach, effective immediately. ? Moore has served as U of T's assistant coach for the past three seasons under recently retired head coach Joe Nizich.

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                    Nic Soubry Named McGill Head Coach, Replacing Retiring Tim Murdoch

                    McGill announced Nic Soubry as its new head coach, replacing the retiring Tim Murdoch, as well as handing out season awards at the team's year-end banquet.

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